Dracula: Fangs & pitchfork
Dracula: Fangs & pitchfork
Dracula: Fangs & pitchfork
Dracula: Fangs & pitchfork
Dracula: Fangs & pitchfork
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Dracula: Fangs & pitchfork

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Welcome to Transylvania where the local Villagers have received the unwanted pleasure of joining Dracula for dinner.

Dracula is a thrilling social deduction game designed by Luudos Studio and artwork by The MicoIt is a game of hidden roles, wordplay, and social interaction. All players argue for their lives, convincing Dracula not to eat them while having a hidden agenda.

"If you are looking for a funny deduction game set around a feast both for around and for Dracula where you wont be having "stakes", then check out Dracula. The artwork is awesome. And this is true from all games from Luudos Studio." – Ninjageek Games

What's in the box?

  • 155 x Excuse cards
  • 40 x Victory tokens
  • 30 x Act cards
  • 20 x Role cards with the cool art by The Mico




One player will be the famous Count and the rest will be Villagers trying to convince Dracula that anyone else would make a better meal. Players will take turns using Excuse cards to craft their plea’s and take cues from Act cards to support their plea. But watch out, your fellow Villagers might stab you in the back using their Excuse cards to save their own skin! 


The game ends, when all players have had their round as Dracula. All players count their Victory tokens. The player with the most Victory points, is the winner. 

Game Setup

The player that most recently made a blood donation (or picked at random) will start with the Dracula Role card face-up. The remaining players are each referred to as a Villager. 

Choose and reveal any desired Role cards, based on the table below, so every player knows which role is in play during the rounds. 


Each round is a plea for your life, avoiding Dracula's hunger, as you make the best excuse for yourself. 

At the start of each round, shuffle all the Role, Excuse and Act cards face-down separately, to form their individual decks. Place them in the center of the table. 

ROLES & EXCUSES: Give each Villager a random Role card face-down. This card must be kept secret until the end of the round. 

Deal each Villager 3 Excuse cards. Place 10 additional Excuse cards face-up in the center of the table. 

Every Villager now has 3 minutes to swap Excuse cards from their hand with any face-up on the table. Remove the leftover cards from play. 

Dracula draws an Act card per Villager in play and keeps them hidden. 

VICTORY POINTS: The round continues until every Villager has had their turn. At the end of the round, Dracula chooses one Villager to eat. 

Then every Villager will reveal their Role card and gain their Victory points. The Dracula Role card is then passed to the player on the left to become the new Dracula, starting a new round. 


Before starting each turn, Dracula chooses any one Act card from their hand, to be used as a modifier for this turn and should be placed face-up in the middle of the table. 

A turn consists of two phases; excuse phase and village phase. 

EXCUSE PHASE: The active player will plead their case to Dracula, as to why they should not be eaten ("Please Dracula, don't eat me because..."). While making their pleading story, hiding their true identity, they must incorporate and reveal all their Excuse cards from hand into their narrative, and the current Act card revealed by Dracula before they finish their story. 

VILLAGE PHASE: After the story phase, the Villager on the left and the Villager on the right of the active player, may play a single Excuse card from their hand on top of an Excuse card already in play, to undermine the current Excuse's in play. 

The active player must now continue their story, explaining why the previous story was false and the new Excuse card is the true story ("Okay Dracula, so this is what really happened..."). 

During this phase, every other Villager and Dracula can participate in roasting or supporting the statements of the active player. Once the active player has told their story, the turn ends. 

The next player in clockwise order begins the next turn. They are now the active player. 


Dracula Rulebook