SINS: Collector's Box

SINS: Collector's Box

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SINS is a fast past deck-builder with a push-your-luck mechanism. Get 3 x box sets for 2-6 players and a big box in which you can fit up to 6 sleeved decks.

"I give it an 8 out of 10 ... because after playing it with my wife, she really wanted to play it more. It got some depth in there for people that play more extensive board games, but it is also accessible." – AthexTube  

"It's fun, it's light and I love how quick it is, I love how small it is, I love how easy it is to learn. The art is just wonderful. If you are into deck-builders I highly recommend that you check this out." – Daddy Louie

"I like deck-builders and as a filler SINS is great if you want a few quick battles of a simple and fun game." – Ninjageek Games 

What's in the box?

  • Rise of Wrath Box Set
  • Gloom of Greed Box Set
  • Ooze of Gluttony Box Set

View the SINS rulebook here!