Meet The Park Directors of Cthulhu Island - Part 1

Where would we be without our dear park directors? Those brilliant minds who thought up the greatest theme parks the world will ever see! For a start, we wouldn't be on the edge of the abyss, poised to plunge into the darkness and madness below. Let's meet our colorful cast of charismatic cult leaders.

Devesh Singh - The Cricket Player

"They call me ‘12 o'clock’ because precision is my thing. I know just when to strike and I never miss by accident."

Devesh Singh, Cricket Player and Park Director of Cthulhu Island. One hand in pocket, juggling a cricket ball in the other hand

Devesh loves competition. Something he hardly ever sees on the cricket field. Taking a break from studying law at Oxford, he's come to America seeking new challenges and opportunities for greatness. And challenges he found. The other directors pose a significant threat to his plans and, unlike others who've met Devesh in the dead of night, these people will be missed. So, until the opportunity comes, Devesh will play the game. After all, he's a pro. And he's never lost a game.

Astrid Jensen - The Hotel Owner

"Darling, I simply adore re-decorating. And I promise you, my hotel's ambiance will take your breath away."

Astrid Jensen the hotel owner. Sophisticated lady wearing a fine, yellow dress and yellow scarf

Astrid left Denmark in 1902 when her father, a doctor of medicine, got a job at Port Arthur's Asylum. Being resourceful and rich, Astrid opened a luxury hotel in Port Arthur. Mixing with the high society of Port Arthur, Astrid quickly learned that she didn't have to leave her family traditions behind. The Old Ones are not bound by borders, and even in new America, ancient cults are practicing. She joined the Sisterhood of the Yellow Sign and quickly rose in rank. Astrid has tendrils throughout society, and she's heard the whispers. The screams in the walls of her hotel will join the chorus, once she builds her park.

Vasco Cordova - The Business Man

“Among the many who sought the thrill of the goldrush, I was one of  few to succeed in striking gold. And among those few who succeeded, only I was able to claim the gold as my own.” 

Vasco founded the Lima Mining Company at only 24 and has since become a very successful businessman. The sheer amounts of gold, silver, and other rich metals that are found in his mines are staggering. So much so, that it is considered unnatural. Local rumors are that he made a pact with the Devil, but Satan himself would not dare disturb the thing that now holds Vasco's soul. Now his entrepreneurial are eyes set on something new. Whether driven by his lust for wealth or something more sinister, one thing is clear: If Vasco decides to build a theme park, he will succeed. And he will crush those who would oppose him.

Jing Jing - The Lady's companion

“In the world of art, It is not the artwork itself but the vision behind it which makes it artistic. Thus I strive to make my vision horrifyingly apparent."

Born in 1905 in Beijing, China, the clever and stunning Jing Jing was brought up to impress. She moved to study Art in New York, where the Sonderheim family quickly realized her potential and took her in. Now acting as a lady's companion for Margaret Sonderheim, Jing Jing devotes her time to what she considers true art. In the late evenings, when the gallery's wine is empty, she's been known to tell people of her heritage: Of how she's a descendant of a royal family, mentioned in Chinese legends as having come to Earth from amongst the stars. Fans of Jing Jing's art latched onto this story like moths to a flame. Now, Jing Jing leads the Society of Starry Wisdom. To outsiders, they are art appreciators. In truth, they bring the stars closer, each twisted landscape pulling the cosmos closer. And something is coming through. Jing Jing will be the first to appreciate the beauty of the dark entity, and so, the other directors must be done away with.


 Cthulhu Island launches on Kickstarter March 8, 2022.

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