Park Cards in Cthulhu Island

Component cards spread out.

In Cthulhu Island, you can find four types of park cards through exploring the island. Attractions, portals, rituals, and events are all cards that can be found and acquired through the locations. Aside from events, which are one-off bonuses or penalties to the players, the park cards are placed in your park, and are used to gain various resources and Fear points.

Attraction card



Attractions are the name of the game in Cthulhu Island. It wouldn’t be much of a theme park without attractions. Aside from scoring you points, attractions give you resources in exchange for visitors and Eldritch visitors. These resources are primarily blood and skulls, which are used in rituals. While visitors are gained from locations, Eldritch visitors must be pulled through portals.


Portal card


The monstrous Eldritch visitors, needed for attractions, can be gained in exchange for power. You can draw them through portals, which can be acquired from locations on the island. But the power you need must first be gained, which you do through rituals.


Ritual card


By sacrificing resources, gained either from locations or your attractions, you can get power for your portals. On top of gaining you power, rituals also let you use special abilities, such as moving an additional cultist when taking the Lead action.


Event card "City Hall Contract"


Event cards are drawn immediately when placing a location that has the event symbol on it, and anything can happen with events, beneficial or otherwise. Some cards give players resources or attractions, some move your sacrifice tracker up or down, some may let you move your Eldritch god to a new location, and so forth. So if you need a leg up, take the chance and draw an event!

Park Synergy

As you’ve probably spotted by now, the park cards all require resources from each other to be used. To start, you’ll need to explore the island to get these resources, but as you build out your park, it’ll become more and more self-sufficient. So find the cards you need, build a park with perfect synergy, and come out on top as the director with the most fearsome park!

 Cthulhu Island launches on Kickstarter March 15, 2022.

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