Meet the Park Directors - Part 2

Cthulhu Island logo in front of the eight park directors


Last article, we met Devesh Singh, Astrid Jensen, Vasco Cordova, and Jing Jing. Now let's meet the other half of the sinister, clever, and power-hungry park directors, starting with:

William Gordon - The Ambassador

“The word has the power to cut deeper than the sword, and depending on the message it delivers, it may prove to be far more deadly.”

 William holds dominion over the spoken and written word alike; a power granted to him by an unspeakable entity, who demands to be repaid. One day he might be out of his debt. But until then, the streets of Newport must run red with blood. As Ambassador of Jamaica, William has been working at gaining influence in the political arena. With every speech, every letter published in the newspaper, more and more people seem to side with him. Even on matters an ambassador should have no say in. America will be his. In his dreams, he hears the whispers of the dark entity. There is an island, where the entity is closest. He must feed it. With his influence over people, the ad campaign for his theme park will draw in thousands. And then It will feed.

Enoch Markov - The Fisherman

“There is not a moment in life which does not become more beautiful when enjoyed in utter silence, even if that silence is created by yourself.”

Enoch Markov, an old fisherman, with his dog.

Enoch has spent his entire life in Newport. Rumors around the harbor tell of Enoch's mother, who was of Siberian Yupik origin. She came to America, where she fell in love with a beast of a man -  an American fisherman from Innsmouth. Rumor has it that he made her join the strange cult of that half-sunken town. When she moved to Newport, without the man, she was pregnant with Enoch. Never knowing his father, Enoch still followed in his footsteps and became a fisherman. Content with the silence at sea and the company of his dog, he now lives a calm life of retirement. Not exactly a known socialite or entrepreneur, Enoch joined the board of directors, claiming knowledge of the island. The others, foolishly, see him as nothing but a senile, old man. This suits him fine. Soon they will know what he is capable of, when true silence reigns on the Earth.

The Parkers - Entrepreneurs

“Entrepreneurship is all about having that one, brilliant idea. Once enough people believe in your concept, visualizing it becomes an easy task.”

The Parkers. Woman in pink dress, man in grey-blue suit

The successful Parkers, Newport's heartthrobs, seemingly appeared in the city out of nowhere, almost immediately becoming popular as if they had always been there. Emilia and her husband, simply known as Mr. Parker, gained popularity fast. Their cheerful disposition and success with various endeavours not only created jobs during the Depression, but also made them the role models of every American. But there is something strange about them. Those who have visited them report a black ooze, seeping from their family photos - of which only the Parkers are depicted. Those who've had lengthy conversations with them often come down with migraines and fever, and rarely remember what they talked about. The Parkers aren't worried, however. The plan is in motion. The island has been found. The other directors may have aspirations, but the Parkers have a goal. One that will soon be realized.

Jane Mason - The Former Head Nurse

“Tending to others is a part of human nature. Dedicating your life to doing so must thus be seen as aligning your line of work with one aspect of being human.  It is, however, only one of many, and not all are so noble.“

Jane Mason. Old woman in fine, black dress.

 The cold, inaccessible Jane Mason came to America from England, having retired from nursing. She seeks new life and believes to have found it in Newport. Her passions and her knowledge she will not let go to waste, but age marches on. Fortunately, there are those willing to receive her knowledge in Newport: The Chesuncook Witch Coven. Jane's rise to power was quick, cementing herself as Head Witch of the coven. Before her, the coven was hardly more than a book club. But now, she leads them to greater things. There is a deep uncleanliness in the world, which must be purged. And she's heard of an island, from which one can commune with a dark entity from the deep beyond. An entity that will grant her the power she seeks.

The Dark Entity

Ỷ̵̢ò̵̫ȗ̶̺ ̵͓͂a̵̟͑r̵̛̩e̸̢̓ ̵̤̇n̵͈̊o̷̖͝t̸̡̀ ̶̻̈́r̶̮͂e̸͉̿a̷̙͒d̵͕͂y̸̓͜.̷̪̏ ̶͓̂S̵͉̐ô̶̧o̶̩͌ń̷̗ ̸̪̉ỳ̵̮o̷̞̔u̴͔͛ ̶͈͑w̶͈̋ĭ̵̗l̶̰̃ĺ̵̯ ̸̈͜k̸̞͗ń̶͇ô̴̡w̷̘͆.̵̖̚

 Cthulhu Island launches on Kickstarter March 8, 2022.

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