How to Use your Cult: Area Control in Cthulhu Island

During a game of Cthulhu Island, you slowly uncover more and more of the titular island. Each location holds not only harvestable resources and useful abilities, but also grants victory points to the player who holds Dominance over the location at the end of the game. But how do you get all this out of each location? How do you hold Dominance? With the use of your cultists, park director and even Ancient One.

Area control is paramount to victory in Cthulhu Island. To harvest resources from a location and use the ability on it, you must have Influence on that location. Influence is gained from having any of your pieces on that location Whenever you place a tile by exploring the island, you may place an altar on that location for free, giving you immediate Influence. To place a cultist on a location, you must use the Assign action.

The Assign action is also what gives you access to stronger cultists, called cult leaders. This is done by upgrading cultists already on the location: two cultist novices become a cult leader. From there on, you can move your pieces around with the Lead action, allowing you to move one cultist or cult leader to an adjacent location.

Having Influence is all well and good, letting you harvest a location and use its ability, but Dominance is the end goal. After all, you can’t let the other park directors run freely on your island. Each location gives a certain amount of victory points at the end of the game, but only if you have Dominance over it. To have Dominance, you must have the most pieces on that location. Now, you could get this by simply amassing an army of cultists on the locations you want, or you could go the old fashion way: Killing the competition. By taking the Lead action, you can initiate a contest, attacking the other player pieces on the location. You roll dice for each piece you have, and each piece has their own dice; Novices having the weakest and park directors the strongest. Roll as many hits as you can and knock those cultists out of here! They don’t deserve the attention of the Dark Entity - you do.

So make sure you control the areas you want. Upgrade your minions, get personally involved as the park director, and gain Dominance over Cthulhu Island!


Cthulhu Island launches on Kickstarter March 8, 2022.

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