How Dracula shakes up the Social Deduction Genre

Dracula in front, with villagers behind him


With Dracula, we wanted to make a social deduction game that does things a little differently. Many games in this genre are based on elimination, where there can only be a winner once the "evil" character--such as the werewolf--or the majority of villagers have been eliminated from the game. While this is certainly fun, we wanted to bring you a game where you stay in the whole way through.

In Dracula, players take turns playing the vampire count out for a snack or a villager who'd rather not be snacked on. Villagers have a hand of Excuse cards, which they must use each round in their plea not to be eaten. But not all villagers are alike!


Villager card. Old man with pitchforkVampire hunter. Man with crossbow and tools for killing vampires.


The basic villager merely wants to live, and gains victory points from doing so. But others, such as the Vampire Hunter, actually gains points from being eaten! So while Dracula is trying to eat a special villager to gain maximum points, he must also be careful not to eat those who want to be eaten.

With players being forced to work their Excuse cards into why Dracula shouldn't eat them, roleplaying becomes the driving force behind the gameplay. Special villagers get extra victory points for mentioning certain things, such as faith, in their plea. So perhaps that player is the Priest. Or did one of their Excuse cards make them mention faith, and they're but a basic villager? Or even worse, is it the cunning Vampire Hunter, who knows just what to say to get close to Dracula?

Priestexcuse card. Haven't finished the Bible


Playing your role (or pretending not to be that role) and using Excuse cards to come up with the best plea possible, Dracula isn't just about how well your friends can argue and lie, but how well they can make a believable excuse for their character. And even if you end up eaten, don't worry. Everyone gets a chance to sink their teeth in.

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