Why is a death cult building a theme park in Cthulhu Island?

In Cthulhu Island, you play as a cult leader/park director determined to summon your dark god and bring about the end of the world through... a theme park?

Well, if you've ever played Rollercoaster Tycoon or any other theme park game, you've probably built a park or two that weren't exactly up to code. You know the kind: Rollercoasters that abruptly end, sending carts full of people crashing into the guests below; rides where the exit strands people on an island, unable to return; or attractions so long that guests will spend the rest of their life there. Why? Because it's fun.

In Cthulhu Island, there is another reason. A very evil reason. After all, being a cult leader isn't all fun and games. A dark force has arisen during the Great Depression, feasting on the fears and anxieties of the people. Being a cult leader, well, you'd want to be the entity's favorite and feed it with as much fear as possible. And what better way to do that than to trick the unsuspecting into thinking they'll have a fun afternoon - only for that to turn into the worst day of their life.

To make this hellish holiday resort, you and your cult must explore Cthulhu Island, harvesting it for resources and finding inspiration for even more dreadful attractions. If you need a helping hand, you can always offer a sacrifice or ten to your Ancient One. Or you can open portals and summon monsters to terrorize your park if your guests are, against all odds, having fun.

You're not the only one, of course. Other directors are trying to do the same, and they stand in your way. Make your park bigger, better, and more fearsome. And who would notice if one of their cultists go missing? Accidents happen on Cthulhu Island...


 Cthulhu Island launches on Kickstarter March 8, 2022.

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