• Park Cards in Cthulhu Island

    In Cthulhu Island, you can find four types of park cards through exploring the island. Attractions, portals, rituals, and events. Aside from events, which are one-off bonuses or penalties to the players, the park cards are placed in your park, and are used to gain various resources and Fear points.
  • The Beginning of Cthulhu Island

    “Entrepreneurship is all about having that one, brilliant idea. Once enough people believe in your concept, visualising it becomes an easy task.”...
  • How to Use your Cult: Area Control in Cthulhu Island

    During a game of Cthulhu Island, you slowly uncover more and more of the titular island. Each location holds not only harvestable resources and us...
  • Three of Our Favorite Narrative Adventure Board Games

    Epic narratives where you are the hero. Countless encounters, be it diplomatic or combat. Exploring strange lands and dangerous dungeons. These are the marks of narrative adventure board games. Here’s three of our favorites that we think anyone looking for adventure and a good story should play.
  • On the Making of SINS Arena

    SINS Arena is in the works, taking the core concepts from SINS and expanding on that to make a game that is both a deck-builder and a miniature skirmish game. But how does such an idea come about? We’ve asked experience designer Morten Fausing and system architect Andreas Barbesgaard about just that.
  • Explore and Exploit the Eldritch on Cthulhu Island

    The exploration of Cthulhu Island is perhaps the most important, strategic action. Which tile you choose, and where you place it, could have lasting effects on not only your strategy, but also that of your opponents.
  • Directors, Ancient Ones, and You: The Player Board in Cthulhu Island

      When playing a game of Cthulhu Island, you start out by picking a Director, Ancient One, and a power board, all of which give you special abiliti...
  • How Dracula shakes up the Social Deduction Genre

    With Dracula, we wanted to make a social deduction game that does things a little differently. Players take turns playing the vampire count out for a snack or a villager who'd rather not be snacked on, avoiding the elimination gameplay common to social deduction games. Play your role, or keep it hidden, using Excuses to avoid being eaten!
  • Meet the Park Directors - Part 2

      Last article, we met Devesh Singh, Astrid Jensen, Vasco Cordova, and Jing Jing. Now let's meet the other half of the sinister, clever, and power...
  • Jing Jing's Journey

    “In the world of art, It is not the artwork itself but the vision behind it which makes it artistic. Thus I strive to make my vision horrifyingl...
  • Meet The Park Directors of Cthulhu Island - Part 1

    Where would we be without our dear park directors? Those brilliant minds who thought up the greatest theme parks the world will ever see! For a start, we wouldn't be on the edge of the abyss, poised to plunge into the darkness and madness below. Let's meet our colorful cast of charismatic cult leaders.
  • Cthulhu Island: How Theme and Gameplay Intertwine

    Most board games are about something. Themes that take abstract ideas of moves and victory points and puts them in a context. In Cthulhu Island, we strive to bring you a game where mechanics and theme come together to give you a story to tell.